If you are an individual or small business looking to get a responsive, fully featured, self editable (this means you can add and edit pages yourself if you wish) website for £100 then look no further. Hub can create you a webpage with all the information you or your business needs – About Us, Testimonials, Contact Form, Map, Featured offers, Social media links and more.

What do you get for £100? Rather than a list of features (although there is a list below) have a look at the demo site here.

The List

Domain Name: If you already have a domain name then great, if you don’t then you get one .co.uk domain name of your choice. (if available)
Email Address: One email address (your name@companyname.co.uk)
Responsive Design: The site works great on smart phones, tablets, laptop & desktop computers.
Hosting: One years hosting (£10/month after a year if you wish to keep the site)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): A basic level of SEO, this helps Google etc find your site.
Images: We ask you supply your own images. Stock images can be bought at an extra cost if you wish.
Upgrades: If your business would like to sell online, then the website is able to upgrade to an online store at an extra cost.

If you are interested, get in touch here